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Ozzy’s Wheels

Temporary Wheels for Ozzy

Ozzy was knocked down by a car and left to die of his horrific injuries by the roadside. He had been lying there, in pain and with no food and drink, for about a week. Thankfully, Farah found him in time and rushed him to the vet. Ozzy had various injuries, but the most serious one was his broken back. Farah set about making his life as comfortable as possible, while she raised funds for his treatment.

Cruz Azul Murcia is working with FaraH and Petlovers Veterinarian Clinic in Sucina, to get Ozzy as well as possible. He’s a lovely, gentle dog, with lots of character and determination, and he deserves a chance. He loves to go for a walk and wheels will make life so much easier for him.

He has some temporary wheels that a kind person made for him and we hope to get him something more permanent.

Click on the image to donate for Ozzy’s new wheels