We Help Pirata and his Spanish Owners

Cruz Azul attended the recent ‘Encuentro de Asociaciones’ fair in Santiago de la Ribera and, as a result, were approached by a young Spanish couple who have recently become unemployed, receiving just 400 Euros a month from the Government. They have 3 dogs and a cat and are obviously finding it a struggle to live and care for their pets.

One of their dogs, Pirata, was found by the couple two and a half years ago, when he was just six months old. He was injured and had had both ears cruelly amputated. Pirata’s new owners took care of him, nursing him back to health, and he has been a faithful companion ever since.

After meeting Cruz Azul volunteers at the fair, they wanted to do the responsible thing and get Pirata’s vaccinations up to date, as well as castrating and microchipping him. They don’t even have a car, so Cruz Azul volunteer, Alfonso Fernandez, transported Pirata and his owners to one of the Cruz Azul approved vet, Jessica, at the CV Fauna clinic in San Javier.

Pirata is now at home recovering from his operation, with his new microchip and up-to-date vaccinations. “Pirata’s owners are the first Spanish people that we have helped.” said Cruz Azul President, Lyn Baines, “and I hope that they are the first of many that we can help from the Spanish community, in addition to those that we are already helping from the foreign community.”

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